Terms & Conditions

Our Terms & Condition

  • When you contact with us for any work. We will call back to you and get details & filled form according to data that we collect by call to you. after that we request to send payment to us if you send payment then I send final receipt your form/work.
  • If you don’t send payment on our payment request then you will go in blacklisted customers & you will no work will be done by us in future.
  • We reserved all right to decline or cancel your work at any time.
  • We can take more time to do your work according to workload.
  • We can close our office at any time if we will need.
  • You can’t claim on us for any kind of mistake make by us.
  • We reserved all right to refund amount.
  • We will not responsible for any mistake or¬†vulnerable in our website content.